Apricot Jam Recipe: Add a unique taste to your food

Apricot fruit benefits

Before moving on to the apricot jam recipe, let’s first see what the benefits of apricot are. Apricots are species belonging to Prunes sect. Armenia-ca. The taxonomic position of P. brigantina is disputed. It is grouped with plum species according to chloroplast DNA sequences but is more closely related to apricot species according to nuclear DNA sequences

Apricot is a fruit that is found in the headland in summer. There are more varieties of apricots in the world. Fresh apricots contain natural sugars, vitamins A, C, and E, potassium, and phosphorus.

Vitamin A

It is considered the basic and essential element of a human being. It helps in the formation of nutrients in the body. Removes important facial wrinkles. It helps the heart function and immune system work properly

Vitamin C 

Protects our skin from free radicals. Protects from sunlight. Removes pigmentation and acne. And Bone’s are very strong.

Vitamin E

prevents iron deficiency. When our body undergoes chemical stress, it removes all of these substances and provides a healthy environment for your cells to function properly.


helps in controlling blood pressure and has been proven to be very beneficial.Interconnects the body’s nerves and muscles and transports other spatial components into its cells. Helps regulate heart rate


Phosphorus helps to keep kidneys healthy by filtering out waste; it plays a very important role in energy use in the body. Improves digestion.

Apricot jam Recipe

Apricot fruit, 1kg

Chopped almonds, 7 to 8 pieces

Natural sugar, 1cup

Lemon juice 1 tablespoon or according to  taste


To make a delightful and tasty apricot jam First, blend some apricots and cut the rest into small pieces. Put the pre-cured curry into a saucepan. If the apricots are sweet, less than one kilogram of sugar will be needed. If the apricots are sour, add one kilogram of sugar. Now put apricot pieces in it. And keep cooking on medium heat.

And mix all the things well. Cook the jam on the middle flame. Stir it with a spoon in between. Keep cooking the jam until it reaches a boiling point. Cook it for another 20 minutes. While cooking, stir it with a spoon continuously. After 10 to 15 minutes of boiling, a layer will form on the jam; remove it and keep stirring the spoon.When the white layer separates from the jam, add a spoon full of yolk and continue stirring. When the jam thickens and starts to stick between two fingers, it shows that the jam is ready. Store the jam in a jar and refrigerate it to use later. Enjoy apricot jam with your daily foods.

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