What are the 5 Factors for Calories Burn?


Serval factors can influence the number of calories you burn.  

Most people think of calories as only related to food and weight loss. A calorie, however, is a measure of thermal energy.  

The energy needed to raise 1 gramme (g) of water by 1°C is known as a calorie.  

Good calories provide energy to the body.  

A food calories or kilocalories is 1000 calories (about 80 minutes of running).  

If you were to take a lot of energy within and given off by the sun.  


4 calories (about 0 minutes of running) per g 

Proteins: 4 calories (about 0 minutes of running) per g 


9 calories (about 1 minutes of running) 


Calculating daily calorie burn

calories burn chart
  1. Body weight:

Smaller people also have smaller internal organs (such as the heart, liver, kidneys), which is an important factor in how many calories are burned during exercise and at rest, since these organs and their functions require energy. In fact, as much as 43% of the difference in the overall number of fats burned among people can be considered by differences in the size of their internal organs.  

  1. Physical activity. 
Physical Activity

The more physically active you are, the more calories you burn. Different activities burn different amounts of calories. Factors such as duration, intensity and type of exercise affect calorie burn. Exercise burns calories and strengthens the body.  

  1. Muscle Mass. 
Muscle Mass. 

Muscle tissue burns fewer calories in a body with less muscle mass.Compared to fat tissue, muscle tissue burns more calories. As a result, even when at rest, persons with higher muscle mass have higher metabolic rates and burn more calories. Muscles must be strong. 

  1. Calories burned while walking. 

At a moderate pace of 2.5 mph, a 150-pound person burns about 100 calories on average, while a 120-pound person burns 85 calories on average at the same pace.. One can burn a little more calorie if they choose to increase the speed. A healthy person should walk faster. A weak person should walk a little slower. Exercising keeps a person healthy and burns calories properly. 


BMR can be calculated as follows: 66 + 6.23 x weight in pounds (lbs) + 12.7 x height in inches – 6.8 x age in years).  


BMR is equal to 655 plus (4.35 x pounds) plus (4.7 x inches) of height plus (4.7 x years of age) minus (4.7 x pounds).  

  1. Skating in calories burn. 

Exercise and calorie burning can be achieved through skateboarding. A 30-minute skate can burn as many as 210 calories, or roughly 17 minutes of running, according to Health Status. Skateboarding is a great way to strengthen your arms, legs, and core in addition to being a lot of fun. Its low-impact design protects your joints more than other intense forms of exercise. Roller skating burns as many calories as moderate effort on a group cycling or rowing machine. Skating is essential for a healthy body. 

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