What is Moonrock weed?

what is moonrock weed

Let’s first talk about what is moonrock weed . Moon rocks are actually a type of weed. These are THC megazords. Moon rocks are hemp buds dipped in hash oil and then rolled in kefir. Usually they use GSC, but any strain will do. The question is: how powerful are these moon rocks? The strength of each batch depends on how it is made. Most flowers average around 50% to 20% THC.

If you smoke 1 gram moon rocks, it will spread throughout your body from head to toe. And you will feel you have reached the top of mountain.

Here is some advantages and disadvantage of moon rocks:

Advantages of Moon rock weed

Many peoples asking about What is moonrock weed? and what is the benefits? so here is a short answer

Moon rocks are very useful for medical patients as well as for others who want to get high dose of  THC. Plus it gets you super duper high.


These moon rocks are mostly used in smoking and glass. Which is not good for everyone’s health. Also, they get super high, which is not a good thing for everyone.

Moon rocks smoke weed

Cannabis flower is one of the best-selling cannabis products. This is the oldest form of smoking and is still popular today.

Is moon rock smoke absorbed into the body?

After taking a puff on the bong, the smoke from your mouth travels to your lungs through your breath. Your lungs are lined with the thousands of air sacs called alveoli, and they have a very large and high surface area. After that they travel to your brain and then throughout your body. This process happens in seconds and smokers feel it immediately.

How affected are moon rocks? Do you think this is funny? If you think old cannabis is more powerful, think again. Moon rocks are dried flowers dipped in hash oil and then roll in kefir. You will find different brands on the market. They offer best CBD flower that cannabis to create a powerful product in other words you can say that it can be described as smoking a joint of moon rocks. The high of moon rocks is also quite different from regular cannabis. Hitting the once feel like you have reached the top of mountain and you are not ready to climb.

Since it is powerful, you should start it slowly. It is better to do small hit first. You can also smoke more but it is not good for you.

Learn how to make easy moon rocks at home

If you have enough knowledge that what is moonrock weed and you have the right material, then making moon rocks is not a difficult task for you. If you have a favorite strain and extract that can be perfect for making moon rocks,. You can easily make kefir. You can buy it from outside easily, then roll it in kefir. You can easily vape moon rocks, and if you are not interested in making moon rocks, then you do not have to worry. Many dispensaries have ready-made moon rocks, so you don’t have to go through any trouble.

Some pros of smoking moon rocks

As many peopls ask what is moonrock weed and how to smoke it, as with any cannabis product. The positive effects of making moon rocks are fully discussed here. If you want to experience the psychoactive properties marijuana this is a product that You can make a strong as you wan, but for that you need to know the right combination of flowers concentration and kef. If want to buy pre-made moon rocks they can be cheaper than trying to buy all Three components separately.

The cons of smoking moon rocks

There are some reason why cannabis users don’t like to use moon rocks and these reasons are list below.

  1. The moon rocks are very powerful, so the user does not like to experience them. Even though you don’t like to feel highly psychic, you don’t want to experience it either.
  2. Another reason could be that the moon rocks have limited uses, and these are so wet and crumbly that the rolling paper absorbs the moisture, so you have to grind them in a grinder; you can’t even keep them too wet and dirty.

Therefore, it is best to ensure that you save as much valuable kefir and oil as possible to get the most value, not only for you but also for your money.

to know more about What is moonrock weed and how you can smoke it batter to consult a professionals .

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